Yongala Pre-School is a not-for-profit Community run Pre-School. The responsibility of running the Pre-School’s organisational and administrative functions lies with the volunteer parent Committee of Management. The role of the Committee of Management includes tasks such as:

  • financial management including budgets, bill payment, staff salaries
  • ensuring the Pre-School meets all regulatory requirements
  • policy setting
  • hiring of staff
  • maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment
  • organisation of fundraising and social functions
  • promotion of the Pre-School
  • promotion of social interaction and a sense of community spirit

Interested members are elected onto the Committee at the Annual General Meeting in November each year. No special skills are required - just an interest in the education of your child and a willing attitude.

Yongala Pre-School

Committee Contact :

Committee of Management Positions

  • Attend and participate in monthly Committee meetings as required.
  • Keep informed by reading agenda, reports, minutes and any other relevant material.
  • Adhere to Yongala Pre-School’s constitution.
  • Follow correct meeting procedure.
  • Share responsibility for and support of Committee decisions.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information.
  • Accept the responsibility of Committee membership.
  • Ensure tasks allocated are completed or in-progress by the next Committee meeting.
  • Share the responsibility for coordinating the Annual General Meeting, Open Day and
    other major kindergarten events.
  • Represent Yongala Pre-School professionally at all times.
  • Abide by Yongala Pre-School’s Code of Conduct.


  • Act as the first point of contact to the Department of Human Services (DHS),
    Kindergarten Parents Victoria (KPV) and other organizations as well as to the Committee,
    staff and parents.
  • Chair Committee meetings and coordinate the work of the Committee.
  • Develop a working knowledge of current legal guidelines regarding kindergarten
  • Set short and long term goals and objectives in consultation with staff & committee.
  • Liaise with Director and ensure
  • Effective communications between parents & staff on important issues.
  • Assist with staff appraisal and general staff management tasks (e.g. hiring of staff).
  • Submission of all KIM and DET reports prepared by Director
  • Prepare submissions for the Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Present an annual report at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Be a signatory to the Yongala bank account (three signatories are required on the

Vice President

  • Support the role of the President and adopt the President’s role in their absence.
  • Update policies as required with help from the Policy Officer.
  • Undertake and coordinate projects and tasks at the request of the President (e.g. Open
    Day, AGM).


  • Report on incoming correspondence to the Committee and conduct outgoing
    correspondence according to instructions from the Committee.
  • Record incoming/outgoing mail for Yongala Pre-School.
  • Ensure current updated information is displayed and on file.
  • Record minutes of the Committee meetings and distribute the minutes to staff and
    Committee members
  • Organize handover forms for the AGM (bank signatories, public officer, AGM report, etc).
  • Prepare and distribute monthly agendas and other documents in collaboration with the
  • Prepare a roster for mail collection during the holidays.
  • Register as “Secretary” with Consumer Affairs Victoria for Yongala Pre-School.
    • Notify Consumer Affairs of Committee appointments within 14 days.
    • Lodge the statement of Annual General Meeting and financial statement within one
      month of the AGM.
    • Notify of any change of addresses within 14 days.
    • Notify of any alterations to the statement of purpose or constitution within one


  • Ensure that the financial responsibilities of the Committee are met.
  • Ensure that correct accounting and reporting mechanisms are in place.
  • Liaise with the appointed bookkeeper/payroll person.
  • Manage the payment of accounts/invoices.
  • Inform staff of their equipment allowance/budget.
  • Maintain petty cash.
  • Prepare the annual budget with assistance from the bookkeeper.
  • Organize relief staff when required.
  • Present annual accounts at the AGM.
  • Implement any recommendations by auditors and nominate auditors for the coming year
    at the AGM.
  • Be a signatory to the Yongala Preschool bank account (three signatories required).

Events/Fundraising Officer

  • Create a fundraising and events calendar for the year.
  • Coordinate major fundraisers and social/family events.
  • Write fundraising/ events submission for the Quarterly Newsletter as required.
  • Prepare a Fundraising/ Events Report for Committee meetings as appropriate.

OH&S/Maintenance Officer

  • Undertake quarterly OH&S audits in consultation with staff.
  • Act on any OH&S issues in consultation with the Committee.
  • Prepare OH&S reports for Committee meetings as appropriate.
  • Liaise with Boroondara Council on maintenance issues when needed.
  • Obtain quotes and organize maintenance contractors in order to maintain the
    kindergarten buildings, playground and equipment in safe working order.
  • Liaise with the garden contractor to ensure the garden is satisfactorily maintained.
  • Coordinate two Maintenance Days/Working Bees.
  • Arrange carpet & window cleaning and garden maintenance each year prior to
    commencement of Term 1.
  • Prepare a Maintenance Report for Committee meetings and the Quarterly Newsletter
    when appropriate.

Committee meeting attendance is not mandatory; however, it is expected that this person
will attend at least one Committee meeting, per term, at the request of the President.

Enrolment Officer

  • Serve as the primary liaison for parents regarding Yongala enrolment matters.
  • Attend Central Registration Representative Group Committee meetings (4 per year).
  • Abide by the Central Registration Representative Group committee code of conduct and confidentiality agreement.
  • Present Central Registration Representative Group meeting minutes summaries and important information from Central Registration Representative Group
    meetings to the Committee.
  • Communicate any important updates and council information to staff and the
    Committee regularly.
  • Prepare an Enrolment Report for Committee meetings as appropriate.
  • Assist the President in the planning and coordination of Yongala’s Open Day.
  • Organize the necessary paperwork to be sent to families during offers-time each year.
  • Issue invoices and coordinate fee payments.

National Quality Improvement Officer

  • Develop a working knowledge of the National Quality Framework (NQF) as it applies to
    Victorian Pre-Schools.
  • Meet with the Director regularly to develop the QIP policy and document progress notes.
    Report these and implementations to committee monthly.
  • Review policies in line with NQF.
  • Assist the Director to conduct staff appraisals at least once a year
  • Conduct parent surveys and collate results.

Policy Officer

  • Preparation of policies
  • Review and update of policies
  • Review policies in line with NQF.
  • Assist the staff, President and Committee with meeting policy requirements.

Class Representative

- 3/4 YO

- 4/5 YO

  • Be the Committee contact for families & staff (including urgent OH&S matters) and for
    any concerns or grievances.
  • Help to organise the annual welcome brunch; end of year event; and fundraising events
    when required.
  • Organise social activities for the group as necessary.
  • Organise cards and small gifts from the Pre-School to celebrate births or other occasions
    within the group.
  • Organise end-of-year gift for educators
  • Share information on the group at Committee meetings.
  • Write a report for the Quarterly Newsletter when required.
  • Assist Educators with collection of money or excursion lists.


Committee meeting attendance is not mandatory for the following roles; however, it is
expected that the people filling these roles will attend at least one Committee meeting, per
term, at the request of the President or as often as their responsibilities require them to

Grants Officer

  • Work with the teaching staff to research and apply for relevant grants.
  • Preparation and submission of grants
  • Implementing grants
  • Preparation of acquittal of grants

Information Technology Officer

  • Maintain and update the Yongala Preschool website, as required.
  • Assist Educators and Committee with IT issues

General Administration/Purchasing Officer

  • Obtain quotes for any purchases or works for the Pre-School.
  • Ensure that the office equipment is maintained and that grocery, office supplies and
    stationery are replenished.

Multicultural Parent Liaison Officers

  • Assist Educators and Committee to communicate with families with non-English speaking
  • If possible translate documents or communication between Educators and families

* Appointed Licensees (typically the President and Secretary) will require a Working with
Children Check (obtained via Australia Post) and a Police Check.

** Candidate will require a Police Check