Parents are a vital resource in the pre-school and your help is always appreciated.

Some ways you could help include:

  • Join the committee
  • Express an opinion/feedback. The voice of the family helps us improve our preschool to reflect the every changing needs of our community.
  • help in the session. A roster is available for you to choose which days suit you.
  • bring in your skills/talents/hobbies, eg Playing an instrument, story telling, cooking, gardening, sewing etc.
  • help on excursions.
  • provide waste materials for creative activities. These include empty boxes, paper, cardboard, gift wrap, used greeting cards, polystyrene, corks, softwood, wool, materials, cellophane, cotton reels, clean empty milk cartons or anything you think we can use.
  • participate in fundraising and social events, and putting your hand up for 'one-off tasks.
  • advising staff or Committee if you have special talents (ie plumber, carpenter, handyman) and if you are willing to provide these on occasion to the kinder.

Donating goods/services for Pre-School events


Family Engagement

In order for us to accept free kinder and keep cost low, we require engagement from every family. This can come in a variety of forms:

  • Active committee participation (attendance and accepting a role)
  • Fundraising committee
  • $400 Donation for people who cannot commit to any of the above roles as they are too busy.