Preschool Fees

The Department of Training (DET) subsidises the kindergarten program as a one-year program prior to school entry. The subsidy does not however cover the full operating costs. Parents make a contribution to the kindergarten by way of payment of fees to make up for the shortfall.
The 3-year-old program is not funded by the government, and so fees for the 3-year-old kindergarten program are required to cover the full amount.


Fee information

Demand for places at kindergarten is very high. 3 year-old kindergarten is self-funded and receives no subsidy from the government. Please consider your child’s suitability for 3 year-old kindergarten before enrolling your child. Please speak with our teaching staff if you have concerns about your child’s kinder readiness.

4/5 year-old kindergarten is partially funded by the government and every child is entitled to one year of 4 year-old kindergarten. Children who hold a valid Concession Card or Health Care Card pay a reduced fees as the government provides additional funding to cover the first 15 hours a week of the 18 hours a week program.


Fees and how to pay
2022 Fee Schedule

4/5-year-old program - $920 per term or $155 for HCC for 18 hour per week program

3/4-year-old program - $498 per term or $200 for HCC for 9 hour program.

(All fees are subject to change)


Parent Participation Levy

The Parent Participation Levy is $200 payable with your Kindergarten Security Deposit at the time of enrolment. The purpose of this fee is to encourage all families to participate in the operation of the kinder. The fee will be rebated to you at the end of the year (deducted from your Term Four Fee) following your participation in two of any of the listed activities; for the specified time allocated.

1) Attendance at a scheduled Working Bee.
2) Volunteering for the annual Bunnings sausage sizzle.
3) Volunteering in an activity approved by the Committee of Management to an equivalent of 3 hours of work.


Please note: You must participate in a full Working Bee or attend for the entire allotted time slot for the Bunnings sausage sizzle to be eligible for your refund. Attendance for some of the time does not constitute grounds for your rebate.

All active members of the Committee of Management will be refunded the Parent Participation Levy at the end of the year.

Kindergarten fees are accepted as cheque or a direct payment to the Preschool’s bank account (via internet banking, or visiting a branch of the NAB), You will receive an invoice in your parent locker, which gives instructions on how to pay; in particular there is a reference number which helps us match payments to children.