We need your help

There are always exciting opportunities for families to support our kinder to provide the best learning environment possible. We need your help with the new educational tool.

  • a new digital camera to capture learning - $500
  • a new computer screen to replace the broken one so we can show the children recent news events from the internet - $400
  • a new packet of good quality textas - $50 each
  • new big books for group reading - $50 each
  • indigenous and cultural resources (mats, puppets, dolls) - $200
  • new books and puzzles to replace our ageing collection
  • fundraising for new art smocks through Victoria’s container deposit scheme(CDS Vic)
    • Eligible drink containers can be recycled through CDS Vic.
    • You have the option to contribute your refund to the Yongla Preschool Donation Partner ID, as indicated below

If you would like to donate any items above please contact Pauline at Yongala Preschool or talk to any of our teachers.