"I was one of Yongala community members for 4 years. My 2 boys, Ethan and Cayden spent their fantastic kinder times with Yongala, and I was also very glad to contribute myself to this fabulous community as treasure for 4 years.

The classroom organisation as well as outside environment is really friendly, full of things for the kids to explore, learn through play.

Director of Yongala and educators are all very experienced, who know each of the kid well, helping and supporting them in terms of physical as well as mental development, well prepared to go to primary school.

All community members, including teachers, students and parents are kind and very supportive with each other.

I am so lucky to have my boys in Yongala, which is one of the best pre-schools I have ever met"


"We commenced Kindergarten at Yongala Kidny this year.

The leafy green outdoor space offers such beautiful surrounds with so much opportunity for imaginative play.

The teachers have been great, and what my daughter's learning is stimulating and fun. The community has been very welcoming, and we are enjoying our time at Yongala very much."